Thanks for visiting. I’m a Northerner with an almost imperceptible beer belly who has been living in London since 1984. Born in Glasgow in 1955 and brought up in Birkenhead, I sunk gradually south, finally settling in Herne Hill (London SE24). I no longer work for a living, as my hard-working wife was apt to point out… until she retired too.

Here I am, being a Northerner

At the Shrewsbury Arms, Oxton, en route to Prenton Park

NB: If you move to London you are a traitor and you will never be quite as Northern as you once were.

Beliefs? Trying to stick by your commitments, being loyal and generous to others, and making the best of your abilities whilst being honest about your faults. I am not a fan of the win-at-all-costs brigade or people who are perpetually angry about something or someone.

I don’t set out to offend but sometimes my irony and sarcasm can be misinterpreted. I see the human condition as unavoidably farcical. Now and again we need look at ourselves and laugh. You are allowed to laugh at other pompous people too.

I try to post every three or four weeks.