I am an enthusiastic, if very limited, musician. I’ve never been able to read music properly, I’ve never had a lesson and I am certainly not a virtuoso. Yet playing music means a lot to me. Of course it would be nice to be able to play the guitar better and to have a stronger singing voice, but to be able to play at all is better than nothing. Have a listen to this work in progress and enjoy!

Back story: One For The Wall came out of a duo formed by two architecture undergraduates at Bristol University in the mid ‘70s. Joanna Elford, a classically-trained singer, and singer-guitarist Bernard Hanaway performed in folk clubs and on local radio. Soon Bernard was writing songs for Jo’s distinctive soprano. In 1977 he moved to Oxford, becoming part of the thriving student music scene.

One For The Wall, Soho, London (1978)

I joined One For The Wall the following year. After very little practice, we entered the 1978/9 Melody Maker Rock/Folk contest, winning our heat and progressing to the final at Soho’s famously sweaty Marquee Club. The competition was won by Splodgenessabounds, who soon had a UK Top Ten hit with “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please”.

But never mind, we carried on anyway

Four decades on (albeit with a career break of more than 30 years in the middle!), five of the band’s original members are still playing together, despite being scattered from Devon to Northumberland. We are currently working on some new, original material – getting together one weekend a month.

One For The Wall, Somewhere Near Bicester (2015)