I’ve been at it again, No, really.

Mrs CW doing a bit of raking
Mrs CW doing a bit of raking

I’ve been too busy sunning myself in France – and watching Anne slaving away in the garden – to have a well-considered, witty little blog to hand for the edification and entertainment of my readers (and thanks to both of you, for your unfailing support). But…

Off and on, I’ve been having a bash at a second “comic” “novel”. I hope to devote a bit more time to it over the next few months. Here’s where it’s got to so far. If you like it, do say; if not, just keep your opinions to yourself, thank you very much.

And, once again, Maxwell isn’t me (he went to Cambridge and lives in Stockwell, poor love). Never confuse the author and the narrator, let alone the protagonist. That is nothing other than a schoolboy error.

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