I’ve been at it again, No, really.

Mrs CW doing a bit of raking

I’ve been too busy sunning myself in France – and watching Anne slaving away in the garden – to have a well-considered, witty little blog to hand for the edification and entertainment of my readers (and thanks to both of you, for your unfailing support). But…

Having finally finished a “comic novel” (which my former friends say isn’t funny), I’ve been having a bash at a second one. I hope to devote a bit more time to it over the next few months. Here’s where I’ve got to so far. If you like it, do say; if not, just keep your opinions to yourself, thank you.

And, once again, Maxwell isn’t me (he went to Cambridge, has a cat and lives in Stockwell). Never confuse the author and the narrator, let alone the protagonist. That is a classic schoolboy error.

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