I’ve had the flu this week (if this is just the masculine version, God help women) so I am not in a musing frame of mind.

Methodist Church Hall, Herne Hill

Like you, perhaps, I always think the latest General Election is the worst ever – in terms of candidates, shenanigans and dumbing down – but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong this time. By the time this appears, the result will be out and some people will be having a Sightly Merrier Christmas. The rest of us will just have to make the best of it. At least when we choose a government we are not stuck with it for ever. Unlike…

Irrespective of manifestos, this GE was fought on one issue. I no longer have the energy to discuss it. By way of a change, I have penned a few lines of blank verse. Otherwise known as advertising copy.

The Brexit-Bar is based on a traditional Anglo-Saxon recipe.

Every Brexit-Bar is packed with low-hanging fruit and nuts from the British Empire, smothered in free-trade chocolate-coloured stuff.

Every Brexit-Bar provides you 100% of your daily requirement of everything – it’s unbelievably good for you and will save you £££.

Every Brexit-Bar sold helps our yeoman farmers escape the clutches of greedy Europeans.

Watch out for our Brexit-Bar deals!


After a bit of tweaking here and there, our new “album” is just about ready. For today’s failed party leaders the title will have some significance.

“The Wrong Words” by One For The Wall

One thought on “The Brexit-Bar

  1. Dear Mr. Wight:
    As an European let me tell you that certainly we will always have British humour (even your own wight one) and Music, which includes British music of course. While I was reflecting about it these bitter-sweet lyrics by Morrissey came to my mind: “I may feel slightly sad but I won’t cry”…. We have humour and music I repeat to myself, and many many things, such as reading, obviously.

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